The Hits


After 10 years of being invested in my musical career and recording over 100 songs, I've put together an album that celebrates my evolution and growth as an artist. 18 of my most streamed/downloaded songs via social platforms and digital stores will be showcased in this album that perfectly sets the stage for the NEW Pop record which I plan on releasing summer of 2017. This Friday, December 9th, 2017, "The Hits" Pre-Order will be available on ALL digital platforms worldwide with a scheduled release of December 30th, 2016th and I couldn't be more excited! It has the Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Dance music people have enjoyed from me throughout the years. I want to quickly thank you guys for your continuous show of support and love. ^_^ 2017, I'm ready for you baby!! =)


Fester Skank


This Thanksgiving I am thankful that the election is FINALLY over. On the bright side, I realized that if someone who can spew lots of hate and amplify racism can make it as president, there is NO WAY I can't reach my goals and aspirations of using my art  to influence the world in a positive way. This up and coming year, I vow to go full force and use all of my skills and gifts to knock open doors wherever they may lead. Millennials and Generation Z- we are the ones who will change the world Thank you guys for your friendship and love! Here is my latest dance video to a song I heard while I was in Europe titled "Fester Skank" by Lethal Bizzle feat. Distortion. Check out the fashion, heels and moves! Hope you enjoy it!! 




The above picture showcases what my "perfect" idea of an album with features would look like... This album would feature production from Timbaland, Dr. Luke, Max Martin, and Sebastian Ingrosso/Axwell. This would definitely give the music industry something to talk about. Which song title sparks your curiosity?



Ep. 25 Sydney, Australia


After traveling for approximately 3 months where I ended my trip in Sydney, Australia after visiting India, Thailand, Morocco, and Europe, I finally had the chance to finish editing the last "Chronicles of a Nomadic Soul" Vlog (Episode 25) where I show you around Sydney and take u to both the Opera House and the very popular Bondi beach. In these Vlogs, I attempt to be a normal human being by leaving behind some of the glamour and theatrics to learn and delve into each country's culture. I've always said that if I could give everyone in the world one gift, it'd be the opportunity to travel to a completely different country far away from home. Maybe then, we'd learn to be less judgmental, more understanding, and realize that we all have more things in common than not. Hope you guys enjoy it!!




With the recent release of my latest EP “Dripping in Gold," I’m happy to reveal that a POP album is in the works with a slated SPRING/SUMMER 2017 release. Originally, I had recorded tracks for one album, however, some songs were primarily Hip-Hop/R&B while the others were FULL on Pop. As I wanted the final album to sound cohesive, I decided to do two separate projects with two different release dates. What can you expect on the follow-up to "Dripping in Gold?" AMAZING dance tunes that will light that bootay on fiyah!! Oh, and the album cover is going to be amazing! I can’t wait till you hear these new tunes and see the album artwork!!! =)


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