A new energy form taking the shape of a human avatar has been specially sent to the present time to help aid our planet on this unique transitory period. Through orchestrations of exotically arranged compositions in sounds & frequencies that will undoubtedly excite the subatomic particles within the human anatomy, he is set to revolutionize the planet and help pave the way for future generations. It is both scientific and artistic; a bridge or transition into a different world- a better world. The downloaded compressed mental files have allowed this being of light to not only automatically attain instant knowledge of previous lives and experiences, but also, information regarding the present and future. Instruments like the piano have become second nature to him and ironically enough, he, himself, has become a vital instrument for the grand change that will envelope our universe; a better future awaits. You see, Mayan scholars knew that no, this isn't the end of the world, but an end of a time, a chapter if you will, in which the human specie will awaken, free itself, and and rise with vigilance as the truth begins to resonate deep within the true self. Consoles, hardware, and software like the SSL, Protools, and Reason are tools of the trade that have allowed the ever so eccentric Ulises, a light sent from the heavens, to successfully create sonic tones & harmonies that awaken and activate the theater of the mind. With heavy infectious Timbaland-esque beats, strong, smooth silky pipes, and catchy lyrics, Ulises manages to capture audiences from various countries without borders or restrictions holding him back. By daring to defy imagination and continuing to paint music as seen in his dreams, he manages to bring a new, strong sound into this monotonic music industry, adding vibrant colors into this world and infusing music that shares the universal language and codes. The same stream of life that runs through our veins runs through the world and dances in rhythmic measure; we're all connected. Ulises is only here to shake things up, just as it was destined. 'Tis the time. 

Behind the Name - ULISES

With the first child due in a matter of weeks, a young, beautiful, twenty-two-year-old woman finally decided to do what she had wanted to do for days. She’d mustered up the courage to tap into the unknown through a well-known card reader from her native small, rural town in Mexico. What did the future hold for her? How was her life going to change? She was scared. Her nerves were astray. As she walked to the brown, lifeless hut sitting on top of the hill, she questioned herself, “Should I or should I not?” She knocked on the wooden door and anxiously waited for it to open. The wind had stopped blowing; the full-moon appeared to have brightened as the sky darkened. All of sudden, a small frail woman in her mid sixties opened the door and said, “What took you so long?” Apparently, she knew this young lady was going to be paying her a visit. After hesitantly stepping inside, the door closed. With an oil lamp in hand, the mystic directed my mother into a room that was covered with religious relics. After both women sat down without an exchange of words, the card reading began. She told my mom she was going to have a "special" boy. He was going to do things nobody in her family had ever imagined. He was going to be ambitious, hard working, diligent, creative, passionate, and driven; some things were just meant to be. He would be a force that would inspire and help change the course of humanity on Earth. He was water yet fire ran through his veins. A tangible love would emanate through his presence; he'd be a hue that would brighten up the world: a hero. Even after his death, his soul would live on forever. His voice would be remembered by many; the lives he'd touch- countless. His name...ULISES. 

As a kid, I never liked my name. I thought it was really weird and never really learned to appreciate it until my teen years when I began to see that ULISES wasn’t such a common name. I liked the fact that it was quite unique. I then decided to do some research on it to find out what it meant. The information I found was interesting. Odysseus, from Greek mythology and The Odyssey, was also known as Ulises, meaning “the one who is hated.”