Clocking in for 2015


2014- what an amazing, unforgettable year this one has turned out to be. As I lay here under satin sheets in the comfort of my bed listening to Beethoven's music as I reflect on what will in a matter of days become another year I've been blessed to live, I can only express complete gratitude for it all. Releasing two albums: my 6th English one appropriately titled "6" and my first ever Spanish album titled "Reino Mexicano" in which I was able to explore orchestrations I grew up listening to as a child, made this year one of musical growth. The fact that I 


Un-Merry Christmas


T'was the night before Christmas when I heard an unsettling noise coming from my living room. I cautiously crept out of the comfort my king size bed, grabbed my Texas sized shot gun out of my 18th century, hand crafted wooden armoire, and tip toed down the long, chilly corridor of my house. As I approached the living room, the sound grew louder and louder when all of a sudden, a loud, thunderous thump echoed within the walls of my residence. A quiet shriek escaped my lips. I was armed and ready to shoot, but then, confusion clouded my mind… Could it be possible? Was it him? It was him!!! It was Santa. My eyes must have been deceiving me, or at least I thought so, but, they weren't. What was he doing… here in my house? Why was he here?? The answer to my questions were to be revealed. My gun was not gonna come down anytime soon, and I was ready to shoot this motherfucker. I was too startled and alarmed to bring my guard down. 


Pharaoh's Return


After an amazing week and a half in a country housing ancient temples, tombs, and statues that pre dated to thousands of years of existence, I can't be persuaded to believe that Egypt is anything less than a spectacularly mind-blowing country. With every inch trekked across cities such as Cairo, Aswan, Luxor, and Horghada, I fell deeper and deeper in love with the rich history this beautiful country offered. The trip began with a visit to the Giza pyramids who stood in all it's pride and power firmly after thousands of years of creation. Breath taking seems like an understatement. What made this experience even more unforgettable was trekking across the desert on camels as the pyramids stood behind us in all their grandeur. The shots captured tell a story all on their own and are nothing short of epic! The next few days consisted of a cruise up the Nile River from Aswan 



♫ Do you like my style? ♫
Titilating, witty, dinamically possessive
Mixture of Pop/Hip-hop

2013 in Retrospect


With just a matter of days before the end of an unforgettable year, reminiscing about 2013 almost becomes mandatory. A trip to Europe and South America- two continents I LONG wished to visit- finally manifested. The most important thing I acquired from these trips were the creativity and wealth of insightful knowledge these countries possessed. Those experiences lived have forever changed my life. In effect inspiration whiffled up a desire to create something that reflects upon that in a new body of work I'm currently in the process of creating for 2014. A message from the editorial director Bill Werde of Billboard in which he compliments my singing voice and advises me on my songwriting is a great way to round off the year. Any professional critique I could receive is always welcome, especially from prestigiously insightful and respected individuals like him. This journey as a creative continues to be an adventurous ride, and I assure you, the best of ULISES is still to come. I admit, I am a diamond in the rough, but then again, every major artist was once an unknown. If the natural skills are honed, cultivated, and further developed, then success is unavoidable. It's all a learning process that through determination, hard work, and drive can be achieved. I'm thankful for the independent release of my fifth album this summer- "The Discovery of the Sesliu Galaxy;" another stepping stone along my journey. What can you expect from ULISES in 2014? New album & new artistic visuals… I'm determined to make my 6th album the most creative one yet. If you've been around since the beginning, awareness to my craft's continual improvement and evolution through time should come as no surprise. Never stop believing in yourself and what you embody; have faith and work hard towards your dreams. That's my "secret." 2014- not sure what's in store, but I'm ready to give you all of me. I'm determined to work harder than ever to get to where I need to be. To all the people I've met along the way, I'm thankful for your friendship and your time. Know that the exchange of energy we've had has no price. I love you all! Aim for success and nothing less! God bless! 


10,000 days



Today marks the 10,000th day since I made my way back to Earth on that 26th of June in 1986, and I must say, it's been quite a journey. I've had the privilege of meeting many amazing individuals who have contributed to my growth as a human being throughout my life and which I sincerely hope I've been able to equally reciprocate. For the last few months, I've been on a quest to creatively refuel so that I can continue producing art that not only captivates the human eye but speaks to the soul. After releasing my latest project in which I poured my entire heart out, "Discovery of the Sesliu Galaxy," I felt a need to tread unexplored grounds in hopes of drawing new inspirations, and although I'm not 100% recharged, doubt not for one second that I do continue to work towards fulfilling my purpose on Earth. There are many new surprises I'm working on which I hope to have completed by early next year and in just a matter of days, I'll begin an adventure which I hope you are prepared to undertake with me. That being said, I do want to take the time to thank you for your continuous love and support. Sending you blessings and positive vibes! Remember: if you don't build your dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs.


Hollywood Secrets...


It's very fascinating learning new things about Hollywood and the artists/actors/celebrities many see as perfect role models. I'll tell you this much: many of the faces you see on-screen have MANY skeletons in their closet... many are gay/bi and conveniently engage in partnerships or marriages for the sake of maintaining an image and or building an empire. Plus, many indulge in tons of drugs and many other controversial acts while getting caught up in this machine. It's quite entertainingly shocking really. It's as if I could clearly hear women's hearts breaking and tons of others expressing shock and disappointment were these undisclosed revelations come to light. All I know is, I, as an artist, want to be transparent and honest from the get-go; I think that's something that is missing in today world. People have become so disconnected to "spirit" and "self" while unknowingly sabotaging themselves in what they see as an upward climb to success. One must ask the question: what is success? In short, Hollywood is not what it appears to be; all that shimmers and shines isn't gold. Like Kanye said, "The 'prettiest' people do the ugliest things..." The overall message of this post is don't believe everything you hear or read. Question it all. Be yourself. Love yourself. You're amazing just the way you are. I celebrate the original, authenticity you bring to this space in time. Be the unique individual that you are. And although I could write a juicy blog about this, I'll just let it be. I judge no one. Word of advice: if you want to get into this business, research. Know exactly what you're getting yourself into and where you stand. When you make it, don't succumb to the pressure. Just be you. 



& he R... The Energy Blueprint


I was ready to board the plane. After a month and a week from being away from my country, my home, I couldn't wait to arrive at the house in which I grew up in and be in the vicinity of all that I loved. My spirit clamored for it. I proceeded toward my gate only to be informed that my flight had been cancelled due to unprecedented weather conditions. What was I to do now? Although I wasn't prepared for this unfortunate twist, I walked on back towards the airport's entrance, and decided I'd make the best out of this situation. I thought, certainly, the universe must have something it wants me to experience here that I yet had not. I rescheduled my flight and went on down to pick up my luggage from the carousel. I was feeling particularly great and this was certainly not gonna ruin my day. As I walked up to take a seat at a nearby bench, I noticed celebrity star Jeff Lewis walking along the vast corridors. 




In just a few days, I will embark on what will be the biggest, most adventurous trip I’ve ever taken in my life; for a little over a month, I will be traveling throughout the European continent and will be digesting a “buffet of countries.” The countdown has begun.

Where to?

I’ve never really traveled outside the North American continent so this will be a new, unparalleled experience. I will finally be making a lifelong dream of mine come true! I’ve always wanted to go to Europe, and see the beauty the continent beholds. Am I nervous? Of course! But I am also, VERY, excited!! The mystery and unknown can be quite intriguing.

What am I looking forward to?

I want an experience; I want to embrace the culture, languages, and people. 


What this album means to me…


The release of the "Discovery of the Sesliu Galaxy" marks the end of a two year chapter in which I've experienced so much not only as an artist, but as a human being. It's immortalizing a period in my life where I've grown exponentially and been able to appreciate life's beauty even more. It's going abroad to wonder at the heights of the mountains, the huge waves of the sea, the long courses of the rivers, the vast compass of the ocean, the circular motions of the stars, and being able to see and appreciate the magic in each. It's being independent and strong enough to pull through challenges that unexpectedly arrive. It's working hard, through sweat and tears to make an idea come to life. It's falling down and getting back up. It's knowing that love is all around you and that this planet is just a neuron in the universe's dynamic brain. It's magic. It's loving who you are and what the universe offers. It's acknowledging being born not for the development of society alone, but for the development of one's self. It's having courage. It's choosing to be love when hate corners you down; it's surrendering to the beauty of this dance called life. In short, it's the discovery of the galaxy within one's self; the unlocking of the secrets that lie within. With just a few more days till its release, I can't help but to look back at everything experienced within the past two years and be thankful for it all. And even if only one person were to listen to this album, I'd still do it all over again for there's no greater feeling than successfully bringing to life an idea that once existed as a vague thought deep within the trenches of one's mind. I can confidently say that I'm now ready to embark on the next chapter of my life; blank pages are waiting to be filled with new experiences. I welcome thee. I will persist until I succeed; success and nothin less.




Recently I overheard a mother and daughter in their last moments together. They had announced her departure and standing near the security gate, they hugged and she said, "I love you. I wish you enough." She in turn said, "Mother, our life together has been more than enough. Your love is all I ever needed. I wish you enough, too, Mother."

They kissed and she left. She walked over toward the window where I was seated. Standing there I could see she wanted and needed to cry. I tried not to intrude on her privacy, but she welcomed me in by asking, "Did you ever say goodbye to someone knowing it would be forever?"

"Yes, I have," I replied. Saying that brought back memories I had of expressing my love and appreciation for all my Mother had done for me. Recognizing that her days were limited, I took the time to tell her face to face how much she meant to me.


Sounds of "The Discovery"



Intro- Perfectly sets up the stage for the album

*Home- A pulsating beat with lush strings and a captivating set of drums. Vivid lyricism, an infectious melodic beat, and an intimate vocal performance make it a homerun.

*2gether 4ever- If Max Martin and David Guetta orchestrated a musical baby together, this would be it. An infectious chorus over a captivating beat- it zings with exhilaration, happiness, and youth. I ask myself, could this be one of the biggest hits in 2013? It lacks no element to disprove otherwise. With the right marketing, its potential of being a huge smash would be inevitable.





Native Americans have often held intersex, androgynous people, feminine males and masculine females in high respect. The most common term to define such persons today is to refer to them as "two-spirit" people, but in the past feminine males were sometimes referred to as "berdache" by early French explorers in North America, who adapted a Persian word "bardaj", meaning an intimate male friend. Because these androgynous males were commonly married to a masculine man, or had sex with men, and the masculine females had feminine women as wives, the term berdache had a clear homosexual connotation. Both the Spanish settlers in Latin America and the English colonists in North America condemned them as "sodomites".

Rather than emphasising the homosexuality of these persons, however, many Native Americans focused on their spiritual gifts. American Indian traditionalists, even today, tend to see a person's basic character as a reflection of their spirit. Since everything that exists is thought to come from the spirit world, androgynous or transgender persons are seen as doubly blessed, having both the spirit of a man and the spirit of a woman. Thus, they are honoured for having two spirits, and are seen as more spiritually gifted than the typical masculine male or feminine female.


March 2013 Photo shoot


My most recent photo shoot was one of the most challenging, yet exciting ones I've ever done; it consumed me completely. Putting together the outfits, deciding the themes and locations, and exercising my body to tone up for the shoot was not easy. Nonetheless, it's challenges like these that I always tend to  gravitate towards; it feels great to be productive, and invest money & time into something that makes you feel alive. The satisfaction one gets once the final product is revealed is incomparable. In this photo shoot, I decided to use nature's elements to inspire my imagination. For the remaining shots, I wanted to use fascinating outfits from ancient times to really bring to life certain personalities within me. After all, history inspires me a lot; that's clearly evident throughout all my pictures. In short, I hope that through this blog I'll be able to give a behind the scenes look to the amount of time and work that really goes into creating these visuals.




Confidence is something you develop through time; it comes through acceptance of self with virtues, weaknesses, flaws and all. It's something that comes across and is transmitted through your body language and the way you carry yourself as an individual. It's inviting and attractive. It's being at peace with one's self and truly embracing the totality that you are. It's loving yourself entirely inside and out. Confidence doesn't mean you're better than anyone else, but rather that you recognize that you're capable of achieving whatever it is you set your mind on by believing in yourself completely. It's empowering. It's strength. It's not accomplished by belittling who you are but instead by being a cheerleader to your success. It's being humble and not stepping on others to make you feel superior. It's helping others rise with you, a necessary ingredient just like yeast on bread. With it, the sky is the limit. With the right attitude, anything is possible. It's being responsible for the energy you provide in this allotted space in time. It's a strong frame of mind, a key to being happy. It's knowing who you are and what you stand for; knowing the principles and morals that you embrace. It's essential. It doesn't come right away but rather comes through trials and tribulations one experiences and learns from these waves we ride on this oceanic grid of life. It's knowing who you are and accepting that you're not perfect and that those imperfections are what makes you beautiful. That is confidence. 




Yesterday I learned an embarrassing yet entertaining lesson. After deciding to eat 4 cloves of garlic mixed with lemon juice as an early morning breakfast to help combat the most random, unexpected congestion/cold that I may have acquired after doing some deep body detoxing, I would soon come to understand why not only vampires but individuals would want to keep a safe distance from me. As the day  progressed...




It's Christmas Day and as the snow falls to the ground on this winter afternoon, I begin to reminisce and look back at what has undoubtfully been an amazing year. New friends, great experiences, up & downs- all of which have contributed to my growth and allowed me to become a much stronger, wiser person for which I'm very grateful. The way life works, you just never know what to expect, and the magic I've experience this year has been beyond anything else. I spent 3/4ths of 2012 in NYC/NJ, traveled to several different places around the country, participated in various different talent shows, worked on new music, met AMAZING new people which I'm glad to now call friends, and moved back to my hometown in Dallas, Texas. I learned a very important lesson after being scammed a few thousand dollars this spring, but it was people's desire and need to help alleviate the situation that made this tough lesson easier to deal with. I bounced back and continued on with my voyage. I've always preached that there are much more valuable things that money can't buy, and it's those that I cherish the most. I visited Mexico, bungee jumped in Acapulco (which I NEVER thought I'd do), swam with dolphins, meditated at the top of the Teothihuacan pyramid, met several people within the entertainment industry, and continued to develop myself spiritually. I find my faith in the universe being stronger than ever. In short, I've pushed myself to a limit I hadn't done so before and endured all the unexpected surprises life's thrown my way. I loved, laughed, cried, and in the end, I can't help but smile and look back appreciating all the experiences and knowledge I feel blessed to have harvested. Life is about creating memories and this year was full of them. 2012 was intense and full of cosmic activity; amazing and unlike any other. Overall, it has been one of my best years ever. 


Subway Love???


It's cold nights like these that kind of make me wonder where my soul mate's at… what can I say- I'm a hopeless romantic. As I sit here listening to folk music by myself as I sip on a warm cup of hot chocolate, I can't help but remember of an incident I experienced back in NYC that was completely magical and unforgettable. I was about to get on the subway towards Manhattan on a beautiful summer day when out of the corner of my eye, I noticed someone rather interesting. Although we had made eye contact, I didn't think anything in particular of this incident, so I relaxed and enjoyed some music from my iPod as the subway sped away. Once I arrived at the WTC, I exited the subway, walked up stairs and then again, ran into this guy. This time, I complimented his hair which I thought looked pretty rad, and he reciprocated the compliment saying the same thing about mine. I walked up the escalator and I, thinking I had left him behind, continued along my way. Little did I know, he would end up catching up to me outside...





With 3 days to go till December 21st arrives, I thought I'd list the top 5 things I wish to manifest into this new age we're about to enter…


5.) Clean the planet; stop the pollution

4.) Create a new system based on truth, justice, and equal opportunity; reform all gov't

3.) Free energy for everyone

2.) Release technologies and medicines that could take humanity to the next level

1.) Peace; end all wars


Story Time




When I first moved to NY, I lived in a nice scenic town named Piermont. Being that it was a nice afternoon in this Augustian day, I decided to enjoy a nice, long run in the wilderness along the woods that overlooked the lake. Little did I know the run was actually gonna be a lot longer than anticipated. As I began to run along the street, an aggravating smell began to attack my nostrils, and after running a little further down the road, I saw why. A decomposing deer appeared to be the culprit for that nauseating smell. I held my breath and ran as fast as I could; I had to exit the area containing the foul smell- fast! An hour passed and as the sun began to go under horizon, the moon began to creep up. I was still out in the woods, and being that there were no lights illuminating the road, I decided to try to speed it up and hurry on to the apartment. I did not want to get eaten by a bear!! As I ran along a curved road on my way back, I decided to cross the street to get to the side with the sidewalk. It was dusk and by this time, the cars had there headlights on. As I was crossing the street, a truck seemed to appear out of nowhere. The blinding lights pierced my pupils and as I ran across the street not knowing how close the truck was to me, I thought about the poor dear and for the first time, could say I could relate to them- I literally felt like a deer in the headlights. Thankfully, I sprinted off alive and arrived at the apartment soon after. 


Celebrity Crushes


If I were to indulge in shallowness for just one second and let a person's looks dictate who I go out with, I'd most likely go for someone with similarities to the following celebs. I've concluded that I have a weakness for colored eyes ... the beauty in them is just breathtaking. Plus, a beautiful smile. =)


It's no secret that I find men attractive. Age wise, my partner should typically be no more than 5-10 years older than me... here are some of examples of who I'd be attracted to...



REVIEW: 4 songs off of "Discovery of Sesliu Galaxy"


  • Together Forever- If Max Martin and David Guetta orchestrated a musical baby together, this would be it. An infectious chorus over a captivating beat- it zings with exhilaration, happiness, and youth. I ask myself, could this be the biggest hit in 2013? It lacks no element to disprove otherwise. Huge smash!
  • Home- A pulsating beat with lush strings and a captivating set of drums- this song is a definite winner on the set list. Vivid lyricism, an infectious melodic beat, and an intimate vocal performance makes it a homerun. This is one of the most heartfelt tracks of the whole album.

Late Night Ramblings


The older I get, the more I feel comfortable with myself. Is it crazy to say that I'm looking forward to the aging process... the white/silver hair, the wrinkled, droopy skin, the knowledge. Sexy, isn't it? I want to be the cool uncle who treats all his nieces and nephews to the wildest, most incredible experiences and who always has the most interesting stories to share. I've always enjoyed stories whether they were from my Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, a stranger... didn't matter.  I want to be the mystical, mysterious, old man with MANY stories to tell. I find that experiencing what life has to offer is one of my motivations towards making those pending stories come to life. I want my life to be like a really good book- a page turner. I want to age like wine and just get better with time.


I find that I take myself less and less serious day after day and am not afraid to parody the hyperbole life can take on. Poking fun at it all can be quite invigorating... making mistakes, doing unexpected activities, going against what society says you shouldn't do- I LOVE it; riding the line of genius and insanity and striking a balance between it all- the absurd, the danger, the calm, the boring, the exciting- is key to a fulfilling experience on Earth. I find myself not afraid of death. I think it's not the end of life but the beginning of another chapter, and when it's meant to happen, it shall. It's natural. I don't understand why people fear it; if anything, it'd be liberating- home. Fear keeps people from doing things and could be like a prison cell- limiting and boring. I am at peace with all my actions and have no judgement to fear for even though the nice things I may do for others sometimes go unrecognized, I know the universe sees it all and someday, it'll all be acknowledged. I think Mayou Angelou said it best: "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." I think I've chosen to come to this planet for the sole purpose of serving humanity for the benefit of the whole; I see so much potential everywhere I turn... If only we all got on the same page and made a haven out of this little magical planet sitting within an invisible lining of fabric in this magnificent universe of life, things could be so different.


I try to be me; that's the only person I can be. I think I love all of what society would consider my "defects." I like that I'm not perfect; that would be quite boring. I acknowledge that I am a colorful spectrum of emotions which I'm not afraid to display or discuss; if anything they're beautiful schematic orchestrations of color. I cried during "Wall-E" and cry pretty much anytime an emotional part with that soft, sad music from the soundtrack begins to play in a movie, BUT I can be a total sport when it comes to doing outside activities and getting down and dirty; that's when you can see the testosterone kick in especially when it comes to friendly, competitive activities. This is me and I know there are many things I still don't know about myself, but everyday is another day I get to not only learn about the soul I house within this body, but also about life, the universe, and everything within it's glory. So cheers! Let's toast to a long, fulfilling life. Love yourself and share what you have to offer to this world. You are here for a reason! =) Have a great day!


5 things...



5 Things I'll miss from NYC:
1. Walking everywhere
2. The Diversity
3. The Liberal attitude
4. My high paying job
5. The electric energy this city possesses 
5 Things I won't miss from NYC
1. The cold
2. Waking up super early to get to work on time
3. The loneliness
4. Moving to new apartments and then finding out weird things about landlords
5. The cost of living
5 Things I look forward to back home:
1. Friends and Family
2. Recording album/performing again
3. Taking what I learned and applying it
4. Looking for another job/new beginning
5. Mom's food
5 Things I don't look forward to back home:
1. The cops
2. The pollution
3. The calories
4. The narrow minds
5. The col

 2 more days till my move back to Dallas, TX!!!! So, I made a list of things I will miss, won't miss, look forward to, and don't look forward to. Hope it makes ya smile! Change is good and I'm ready! Looking forward to whatever adventure follows this one. =D Sending ya tons of positive vibes. Have a great day!!!


5 Things I'll miss from NYC:

1. Walking everywhere

2. The Diversity

3. The Liberal attitude

4. My high paying job

5. The electric energy this city possesses 





I don’t think I want a house. I’m like a leaf that flies with the wind, a stone that travels with the raging rivers; one day I’m here, another there. I find the mysteries of the universe quite fascinating… everyday working my way towards discovering more and more answers that hide within my being. I find that the word “Thank You” fulfills me inside, particularly when someone shows gratitude towards something I’ve done for them. It’s insignificant to society since usually those little showings of gratitude don’t produce capital, but to me, it’s jackpot, just like the sincere smiles and giggles I love to trigger from people. I love looking directly into people’s eyes during conversation. There’s something about the patterns and colors that are reflected upon the light’s strike; it draws me into their soul like a black hole in outer space would. I love lying under a clear night sky gazing at the stars in awe at the mystical magnificence and perfection of the cloud atlas. I love exchanging ideas with people of all colors, ages, sexes, and social backgrounds. Amidst the smoky mirrors, the true definition of freedom is often forgotten. Thankfully, I was recently able to reunite myself with her and remember how she felt. Oh, how I had missed her!! Last time I saw her, I had only tasted her sweet lips. This time, I got all of her. I had forgotten what it felt like to lose track of time, to just live and make the most out of everyday in life. To run along the sand in the beach and hear the soul of the ocean call out my name. To hear the pelicans sing along the sunlit day as the waves drowned all sorrows. To dance to the harmonic rhythm the Earth pulsated into my being from my toes to the crown of my head. To laugh amongst other beautiful souls who found themselves collected precisely in the same location, at the same time, as I. Don’t you know, there is no such thing as coincidence. Everything happens precisely when it must. And as to Freedom…it was amazing to have her… all of her, and now I’m sitting here, longing to feel her all over my body once more; to discover a different side of her. Longing and hoping that the world will soon become a much better place and that, you, too, can experience freedom and truly understand that the illusion that’s been penciled into our minds regarding her is false. Sometimes getting out of this toxic system seems like the only sound thing to do; to run and leave these chains behind. What is a lonely, golden soul with pollution clouding the innocent to do? How can someone shine when oppression is part of the system? With these recent discoveries came one that truly hit home… I am a house; peace resides in me. I finally came to fully understand what I didn’t a few years ago- I AM light, color, and frequency; now, there’s definition. It’s safe to say that I know a little bit more about myself then I did yesterday, yet still conclude that I know nothing. I’ve found myself completely inspired by the love and beauty that this world has to offer. Sometimes it’s necessary to step out of one’s comfort zone and do something different to remind one what it feels like to be alive, and that life truly is beautiful. There are lessons one has to get out of this school Earth offers; you get out of it what you put in it. Just remember, you, too, are a house and it’s up to you to bring peace to it. Make the best out of life- always. I hope that the universe sends me some blessings that are no longer in disguise. Freedom- I want you; I refuse to be a slave. I will continue on and will not crumble down for I am a house and peace resides within me.


Memorial Day Weekend


I couldn't wait to get out of NYC; after all that had happened, I was drained energetically and had lost most of my motivation. I was in deep need of my family and friend's love, and had to get out of here asap! Thankfully, in April, I managed to book some airplane tickets to go back home not only to see my family/friends, but also to work on some projects I had been putting together for a while now. I was going to try to surprise them all and show up without them knowing, but after the unfortunate circumstances that I was presented with, I felt it necessary to communicate to them that I'd be in town. From the get-go, they all told me they would be there for me no-matter what; they believed in me, and that I had to continue pursuing the plans I had been arranging prior to my world turning upside down, and that somehow, someway, they were going to help me make it happen. I tried picking myself up from the ground slowly, but I couldn't deny the fact that I felt weak. I needed someone to lean on and my God, did I receive an overwhelming amount of support. It's times like these that I can honestly say I feel blessed to have amazing individuals in my life. That to me is worth more than the few thousand dollars that this devious, ill-intentioned individual stole from me.




Before coming to NYC, I knew it’d be tough, but the blow I received yesterday afternoon knocked the wind out of my being. I was sold an opportunity that sounded so amazing, I bought it! I really believed the opportunity I had been so patiently waiting for all these years had finally arrived. Unfortunately, things weren’t the way I was hoping they would be. Note: I don’t define my richness by money in any way, shape, or form, but the fact that I had worked so hard to save this money to put it towards the release of my album, scheduled photo shoots, and videos in the making made this sting hurt so much. I was robbed, taken advantage of, and unfortunately, made to look like a fool for believing them. However, I don’t wish these people anything bad. If anything, I pray that God (creator) illuminate them with light and forgive them for what they’ve done. See although I’m in tears while typing this and can’t comprehend how another person could take advantage of another fellow being like this, or in any other way, who am I to judge anyone. Leaches like these are what make living in this planet so challenging and difficult. It’s sad… I know that everything happens for a reason and although I have not one penny in my bank account at this moment, I know God will give me the strength to move past this. If anything, I’m clinging on to my faith more so now than ever, however, that doesn’t stop me from sometimes feeling that life isn’t fair; why do people who do nothing but good and try to help humanity in any way possible have a hard time getting through life? At this moment, I feel as if all these nights alone, all these struggles and sacrifices I’ve been making feel completely wasted. I guess nice guys do finish last, but questioning and trying to force God’s hand is out of the question. Everything happens as it must and although I may not understand at the moment the reason to this unfortunate occurrence and find myself completely hurt, I still believe and have faith. I fell down, but I must get back up and slowly, but surely, I hope to do what I’ve done so many times before. I definitely learned a very valuable lesson from this heart numbing experience. Thank you for your love and support. Testing times like these are when I truly see who really cares and who my true friends are.  I love you guys!


Discovery of the Sesliu Galaxy



Deep within the abyss of space lies an extraordinary civilization far more advanced than any currently existing within the Earthling vicinity of the Milky Way. Residing in the main one out of the nine planets compiling the Sesliu Galaxy, the Oolians have coexisted in harmony for centuries amongst the 3 billion inhabitants currently sharing the grounds of their home planet- Ooli. The celestial neighbors that navigate the skies and engage in a gravitational dance with Ooli proliferate with just as much life; together, these planetary spheres make up this remarkable galaxy inhabited by the 26 billion Sesulians- strong, loving, charismatic, spiritual beings that have advanced within the scientific, technological, and creative realms. Their knowledge is vast excelling in everything from mathematics to physics. They’re telepathic and telekinetic abilities allow them to communicate efficiently amongst one another; in the rare instances when language is actually used, Selu is the gallactic standard. Together they work towards the common good of the cosmic being and galactic federation. They operate within a field of consciousness to which each Sesulian mind is automatically connected to since birth. Hunger and poverty are nonexistent. Free energy is available to absolutely everyone. Our resourced based economy utilizes existing resources to help provide an equitable method of distributing them in the most efficient manner for the entire population. All goods and services are available without the use of monetary subsidies, credits, debits, or any type of servitude. Everyone accepts responsibility and understands there connection to one another; respect for all that is is shared mutually. Lush mountains filled with plants of all types, colors, and sizes, fill the beautiful landscapes. Pristine deep blue oceans and fresh, clean rivers run freely with the wind and are filled with all types of wondrous creatures. Underground water cities exist with the most sophisticated architectural designed structures placed to help our understanding and research of our constantly ever growing and changing planet; residences, and other structures can be found on the surface as well as below. Navigating the skies is facilitated through our use of anti gravity space ships traveling via space highways that connect us to portals, black holes, and worm holes. Everyone understand life cycles, reincarnation, and dimensional fields. There is absolutely no room for secrets. Our goal as the Sesulian species is to be as constructive, efficient, and helpful when dealing with our galactic brothers, sisters, and other peaceful neighbors; civilizations existing in planets outside of our galaxy that are still in the early stages of growth like your planet, Earth, will be slowly given guidance and counseling when necessary. Don't neglect our previous efforts to try to guide and illuminate you in preparation for what awaits in the near future. Sesulians have visited your wonderful planet Earth for thousands of years; previous civilizations from your planet have notated and inscribed several key elements to help you understand how the universe functions and what life is truly about. Your task is to come to an understanding and awaken to the true reality of life.


There are three types of people in our cosmos all of which are found in our nine Sesulian planets:

  • 1.       corporeal, like us, solid human;
  • 2.       atmospherean, also solid to a point, but the molecular structure is quite different;
  • 3.       ethereans, no mass at all


Your planet has so much potential and room for growth, but you can’t miss what you’ve never had. So, let's go on a ride. Together we'll discover through musical vibrations not only what your future could look like, but what you're truly capable of becoming. The possibilites are endless. All you have to do is let your imagination go. Ultimately, it's up to you to make it happen; you have the power. Brace yourself for what will undoubtedly be an unforgettable life changing experience. Welcome aboard. Destination- Sesliu. Final stop- Ooli. Making an approximate landing mid 2013. 1, 2, 3... BLAST OFF!!




The Beginning


The bible says be careful how you treat strangers for you may be entertaining an angel, but would people now a days even recognize one if one were right in front of their eyes. The human body, a cloak which many have agreed to adapt to bring such needed light & knowledge into this heavy, dense world, is but a soul having a human experience; nothing more, nothing less. It’s all an illusion permeated from the source to help gain experience and nurture one’s soul. Markers are placed throughout the matrix to help trigger, direct, and awaken one towards one’s true purpose in life. Some people are not ready to be unplugged from the system and yet, many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on it that they will fight to protect it. In the last few months, I’ve come to appreciate and understand not only my existence on this planet, but the true, magical beauty of it all, the art of life, and how I’ve personally come to contribute to the greater cause at this crucial time. The spring equinox is among us and the symptoms are there. Can you feel them? Understand that every human being has a spark of life and a reason to live especially now more so than ever. There is just so much beauty in these avatars- far greater than can be treasured by the eye. The frequencies of existence range greatly and go beyond our visible spectrum. The animals know. It’s all alive. It lives. It always has. Intelligence is all around us; this- web of consciousness.


Washington DC


This past weekend, I went to Washington DC to meet someone very musically influential and important in my life. Because it meant a lot to me, I'd rather not disclose who I met, but I will say it was a very surreal and amazing experience to meet this talent; overall, I felt very humbled and inspired. What's funny is that life has had a humorous way of teasing me, flaunting right in front of my eyes what it is I've been working for and could attain, yet making it a tedious process where thankfully, I've been able to grow artistically into my own without having the scrutiny of the media or the eyes of many prey upon me. I've been able to make mistakes, experiment, and grow comfortable into my own skin; I don't think I'd have had it any other way.  In short, I feel for those young teenagers who have grown up in the spotlight and know not what a "normal" life is. Selena Gomez (who is from the same city as me- Grand Prairie, TX) is distantly connected to me via one of my cousins; furthermore, being that I was pretty active in the music scene back in Dallas, I've had the pleasure of meeting and networking with some great, established individuals within the entertainment field, yet have never been given a crack at the music industry, something I've been arduously working on for only 6 years. Now, I don't have a famous dad or someone well connected to the industry that could "Willow Smith" me up and help speed this process up a bit, so it's taken a bit of a while. Time and time again, I've found out that the statement, "It's not what you know, but who you know," rings absolutely true. Doesn't matter how hard one works or how talented, creative, or driven one may be- this is the reality of it all. I have had a few opportunities present themselves, but morally, I just couldn't allow myself to take these shortcuts especially when engaging in compromising acts that contradicted the values that were instilled upon me was necessary; nonetheless, I know I've done it all with integrity, hard work, and love. So that being said, Washington DC was AWESOME and am thankful for such an amazing experience! After the meet, I went back to my hotel room, celebrated by ordering a deep-dish spinach, cheese pizza at approximately one in the morning and enjoyed it as I watched the Matrix... oh the irony. This night, I wouldn't be counting the calories. Sometimes one has got to just stop and smell the roses - just enjoy. This trip definitely reassured me that I was definitely on the right track. What a great night! =)





Nothing is dead; it's all alive. We are living in a thought universe; a conceptual universe. The deeper you go in the structure of natural law, the less dead the universe is and the more conscious the world becomes. It's simply of pure being; non material, dynamic, self aware intelligence- properties of the unified field, an ocean of pure potentiality. What are the core building blocks of life? Pure abstract potential which rises in waves of vibration- everything you see in the universe from planets, plants, people, etc... - are just ripples on that ocean of existence at the basis of everything, mind and matter. That field is a non material field- it's consciousness. We are all just waves of vibration of this underlying super string. We are all united at our core. Our inner subjectivity is universal. Knowing it through experience is called enlightenment. As we commence this journey towards the Sesliu Galaxy know that the experience of true consciousness transcends any religion. It’s the direct, subjective experience of the unified field of all the laws of nature.




Thoughts and Ramblings




 The world is not what it appears to be, and if there were any more proof that not all that glitters is gold, one would have to look no further than the music industry. In front of the camera’s, it’s all glitz and glamour, but behind the scenes, it’s a whole different story. Filled with drugs, sex, and lies, such a dark, scandalous industry would make someone like me think twice about trying to break in, but in a world in such need of light and love, why be afraid of diffusing it? Mahatma Ghandi once said something I truly live by: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” If there were anything I'd wish to inject into this dimension of "reality," truth, love, and light through my music would be it. The money I'd make off of my career, I'd plan on investing it in helping secure a better future in our planet for you, me, and all other living things. I believe money is ridiculous and NO ONE should be going through hunger, poverty, or sickness (especially children)

in a planet meant to be a paradise for the human race. I don’t understand the world… I REALLY don’t! I guess some people just like to be complacent with such a mediocre “reality” and instead of actually doing something for thy neighbor, choose to ignore the issues at hand or be bribed by giant corporations. So, no, the music industry doesn’t scare me; life doesn’t scare me. I think it’s a challenge I’m willing to take even if all odds are against me; I think I came to this planet knowing what I awaited. I don’t want to change to fit in to the “system” and make “more money” off of it; compromising my true self is not an option. Sharing the love, dreams, and positivity with you and everyone within my reach- that’s the priceless experience I'm after. More than anything, I’m only hoping to help amplify things a little bit more and not only connect with the human race on an intimate level, but also, help us all awaken to our true self, our true reality, and uncover our true potentials. The way you live your life is your message to the world. Operation #changetheworld. 



GOODBYE 2011!! HELLO 2012




As I lay here in my bed trying to warm up from this frigid cold that has embraced the New England states, I can't help but to look back at what an amazingly interesting year 2011 has been not only in my personal life, but in the world as a whole. 





In July of 2011, before moving to Tristate area, I successfully and independently released my fourth album- KA. I'm really proud of the final product for it sets the stage up perfectly for my next one, "The Discovery of the Sesliu Galaxy," which I'm planning on releasing sometime this year. All I can say about this fifth album is that want it to be the BEST, most musically creative album I've done to date. I'm gonna challenge myself, step completely out of my comfort zone, and work with so many different musical elements and instruments that I haven't as of yet. I want it to be harmonic ecstasy from head to toe and am gonna work hard to make it a reality. I'm just very excited about it all and am hoping to make this album an unforgettable classic. To make things just a little bit better, in December of 2011, I was able to create a music video for one of my songs off my album, KA, titled "Spicy Jalapeno (Fresh)." I am so happy with the outcome and am glad I took it there, pushing my limits and again, stepping out of my comfort zone to successfully bring the song to life and capture the magic on video. Early on this year, I played an extra on an independent movie filmed in Dallas and also took part in the X-Factor auditions. Although I didn't get through, the fact that others trying out recognized me from shows I had previously done in the Dallas area warmed my heart and reassured me. Plus, my mom was there with me through out the whole process. It was all definitely a learning experience and I'm very thankful to have had it regardless of the outcome. =D


The biggest, most life changing action I undertook in 2011 was, undoubtfully, moving to NYC. In hopes of not only developing more as an artist, but also hoping to find opportunities within the music field, I packed my bags, gave my two weeks notice, and waved "goodbye" to my family back in Texas. I felt it was time for a change, and Dallas wasn't giving me what I had long been working towards. I felt like a big fish in a small pond circling the same waters- I needed to go in search of bigger challenges that would throw me out of my element and would allow me to work towards fulfilling my goals and what I feel is in my destiny. Opportunities don't just come knocking on one's door; you have to find them, work hard, and take risks. Thankfully, everything has worked out amazingly. I successfully transferred to the NY/NJ 


What do you love?


I love the fresh, morning scent of a summer day with the sun greeting me in all its radiance as it slowly rises above the horizon. I love the light of innocence in the eyes of a child who sees everything in the world as new and knows no fear. I love the smell of my mom’s home cooking and hearing her sing along to those classic songs I grew up with. I love seeing how people can overcome even the hardest of challenges life has bestowed upon them; a good success story always puts a smile on my face. I love that moment when you look into someone’s eyes and know that that intense silence you both just shared has clearly been louder than those unspoken words. I love placing my feet in the ocean sand and feeling the tiny speckles run through my toes as the water tide rises and falls. I love hearing those stories from my grandparents that make me appreciate what little it is I have. I love chasing pigs and chickens in the rural town my parents grew up in back in Mexico. I love hearing the sound of the drums and feeling the rhythm of this unbound language move my soul. I love seeing people smile and laugh in joy shining like the stars they are. I love the feeling I get when I give back to my community and see people pay me with that unforgettable expression of gratitude. I love the idea of freedom and that the world can now, truly achieve it if we all learn to work together towards a common goal: demanding truth, justice, and our unalienable human rights. I love the feeling when I break the law; example- speeding. Some rules are just meant to be broken, don't you think? I love those little stupid things you only do with your friends and will forever be remembered amongst one another as an inside joke. I love to dream; it’s just so entertaining to let your mind drift into the unlimited abyss of the wondrous mind. I love a challenge. I love the after feeling of when I face my fears and prove to myself that I could achieve anything I set my mind to if I just believe. I love the moles and birthmarks that are uniquely mapped across my body. My imperfect nose, my one, dimpled cheek, my scars- I’ve learned to appreciate and love those little imperfections and quirks I see within myself.  I love running on a summer night and feeling those extra carbohydrates liquefy down my body as the moon, fully lit, smiles down on me. I love that awkward silence one experiences in an elevator full of people; it’s kind of funny. There’s no denying it; I love to collect those memories and appreciate those little things in life that have no price. The more I live, the more I realize, “What is there not to love?” I love this world, but most importantly… I love you. Why? Cause you contribute to it just as much as I do. We’re all endlessly connected to one another in this boundless web of life, and I appreciate you as the wonderful being that you are. Thank you for everything that you do. Remember dream big, and LIVE!! Now my question to you is… what do you love?

I say take life by the horns and run with it like Precious taking chicken!! Live your life and smile! =)


Coming Out...



A little story I'd like to share with you guys that's VERY personal. When I was 15/16 years old, I felt very alone and like no one understood me. I felt out of place and didn't exactly know what life was about and why I was placed on this Earth in this body, precisely being this person at this life time. I had endured a lot of criticism in my early childhood years for just being me. Kids can be brutal. It was as if the whole world knew something of me to which I was completely unaware. I never understood what was wrong and why I was any different from the rest. Needless to say, all this was rather confusing and mind boggling while growing up. Reality started to dawn on me during my pubescent years. I wanted to just escape and put an end to it all and suicide seemed to be a rather convincing, soothing friend at the time. I didn't want to bring shame on my family and disappoint them; I felt that I wouldn't be able to face my family, my world, and truly, be happy. How could I? Plus, I was the eldest son to this first generation American family I was born into. My siblings looked up to me; my parents demanded the best of me at all times. I just didn't understand it- this country, this world, this life- AT ALL. Therefore, I went for it. First time- overdosed on pills. Second, tried to chemically intoxicate myself. Third- overdosed again. I felt like no one understood me. My strict, Catholic family surely didn't, and I didn't feel as if I belonged; I quietly felt like the black sheep of the family although everyone thought everything was perfect. I did amazing in school, was very quiet, and gave no one any problems, so therefore, no one had no reason to suspect of this tumultuous storm I was weathering on my own. Plus, I had become an expert at hiding my emotions. To make a long story short, I was able to evade death and see the brighter side of life thanks to my best friend and God; it's as if I wasn't meant to die just yet. So now that I'm sitting here on this cold November watching the Christmas lights on the Christmas tree flicker on and off, reflecting back at this critical point in my life, I understand everything. All of these experiences have shaped me to be the person that I am now; I am bold, fearless, and honest and am now able to acknowledge that there was never anything wrong with me; I was born exactly the way I was meant to be. Suicide is NEVER the answer. I don't believe in coincidences and this definitely wasn't one of them. It just wasn't my time to go... I had unfinished business I had signed up to do.





After years of maintaing this challenging relationship, I've decided to finally tie the knot. I've had my share of pains, highs and lows, beautiful and sour moments yet, all along, you've been there by my side. No one said it would be easy, but I've fought tooth and nail to keep you near me at all times and through thick and thin, we haven't failed. We've learned from our mistakes and survived even the toughest of situations. Every tear, every smile, every emotion that a human could possibly experience, I've had the opportunity and privilege to feel through you. You've been there when my heart yearned for your sweet, calming whisper telling me softly that everything was gonna be all right. You've lifted me up when I've felt real low and made me reach unparalleled highs- a touch of ecstasy on another dimensional frequency that can't be terrestrially defined. Excitement runs through my veins every time I feel you; my brain recognizes your touch and reacts to you instantly, sending multiple waves of energy rushing through my body. My love for you is unconditional, sincere, and unlike any other. All the crazy things I've done in the name of you- what great memories we have. It's not the destination, but the journey in which I've found the most joy. I know that according to the world, we haven't officially made it, nonetheless, we will and together, you and I, will rock this world. I've unlocked mysteries and discovered the true meaning of life through you. The rhythm that connects us makes us all one. So does that make you a polygamist and me one of your several partners or does that even matter considering what we know? The bond we hold- inseparable. You're the yin to my yang, my other half and I'm convinced, you run through my veins. It seems as if I've known you forever, maybe even from a past life time. It's like we were meant to be together, to do something amazing and unforgettable in this era. Just you and I. I'm so proud to be with you and call u mine and I'm looking forward to exploring the world together as we leave our trail behind on this planet. Let's be the exception. Let's consummate and get lost in the stars. Let's be stars and shine bright like we were meant to do. I will forever love you. You are mine and I am yours. I love you... Music.



My Pledge


Once I make it into the music industry, I'm gonna be that strong-minded, witty, New Age progressive thinker that through captivating presentations of innovative, intricate ideas will help impact humanity on Earth in a positive way. I'm gonna work sooooo hard to perfect my craft and deliver nothing but greatness. Once that one door opens up, there will be no stopping me; I'll be working full force till I've reached my goals and accomplished what I feel is that I'm here to do. I'm gonna be like a river that just rushes in and floods your mind with a myriad of ideas that will open up possibilities and challenge not only myself, but you as the viewer to open up to the infinite reality. It's this mind set that will define and make me stand out from many of the puppets currently parading through out this blotched up system. It's not even really the fame or money that I'm after; it's much grander than that and is not as superficial. It comes from a humble, sincere place in my heart. I know I was placed here on Earth to be a major game changer. Maybe you think I'm crazy or perhaps, just don't understand where I'm coming from, but once I'm able to fully display and materialize the ideas that have been patiently bouncing around my mind, everything will make sense. I've been pretty consistent with all my previous works; I'll let them speak for themselves. They'll give you an idea as to the type of artist I am and perhaps, through them, like an oracle, you'll be able to see the type of polished, creative performer I will become. To be completely honest, this isn't even about me; it's about the universe... truth.


Goals: Ka and Beyond






After my most recent and very spontaneous decision to move to New York City, I'll be releasing my fourth independent (unexpected) album titled "Ka." The album will contain nine songs that have been recorded over a span of two and a half years and which as of yet, have not been fully available to download. If you had told me about a month ago that I'd be releasing an album at the beginning of August, I wouldn't have believed it. I could think of no better way to end this chapter of my life here in Texas as I begin to take a step towards the start of a new one in New York City. It's time to aggressively go in pursuit of my happiness by trying to reach for my dreams. All I'll take with me is my one way ticket to New York City and a pocket full of sunshine.




Random Thoughts


  • When I was little. I used to want to be an astronaut. I always thought that if I were to go out on a space shuttle mission into space, and were to accidentally drift off from the shuttle, that I'd be ok. Contrary to popular belief, I think I wouldn't die; the abyss of the night sky would just swallow me whole as I swam among the stars.

  • Dreams are interesting; I feel like it's a bridge merging various different worlds together. I listen to my dreams, and record them into my phone once I wake up. I draw inspiration from them and try to decipher the encoded messages they carry.


I've always been a huge Timbaland fan. I've bought all of his CD's and many of those of which he's produced. He is the one artist who has really inspired me to want to pursue music as a career and whose motivated me to challenge myself to really think outside the box. Someday, I'm gonna work with him and we're gonna make history. =P

Last night, I was looking through pictures of family and friends. Oh how we've grown! =) It's amazing how they can take you back to that precise moment in life. I love how they capture a fragment of time; a frozen second in an everlasting continuum of time within the parameters of Earth. In outer space, things change. Time doesn't exist.

At this point in my life, I'm not afraid to start over again, thus my move to NYC. I was brought into this world with nothing but love. No cars, money, or material things came attached to me. When I leave this world, I'd like my music and those memories we created to live on. I'll leave just the way I came in- with nothing but love- and my mission will be complete.


From Dallas to New York


Change is the only constant. Hanging on is the only sin. To win you have to risk loss and at the end of the day, smooth seas do not make skillful sailors. If you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise. The only thing I could say at this moment is- it's time. I believe in myself, but most importantly, I have faith in God. Maybe you'll think I'm crazy for doing this; maybe you won't, but New York City, here I come!

Comfort is an illusion. A false security bred from familiar things and familiar ways. Perhaps I'm a bit idealistic, or just happen to live in a world of fantasy, but is it such a bad thing to want to feel alive? I've decided to pursue my dreams hoping that bigger opportunities will surface and come along my way in the big apple- New York, New York- the city that never sleeps. Yes, I'm aware of the higher cost of living in the East coast and am fully aware of the toll it may take on me, but on the positive side, I don't have kids or any major responsibilities to which I'm bound. If anything, right now would be the prime time to attempt such wild and bold, adventurous risks; it's time to go after what I want and feel is what I'm destined to do. No one said this would be an easy task, but saying it's been easy up to this point would be unrealistic and ridiculous. Sometimes I feel that other people believe in me more than I do. It's time to practice what I preach, and sincerely, believe in myself. Alas, giving up a secure job with good pay and great insurance benefits won't be easy. The only motivation I have as comfort from leaving my job would be no longer being incarcerated in a tiny cubicle surrounded by pale, depressing walls for forty hours a week while the rest of the world joyfully embraces a mediocre "reality," and I impatiently sit accepting the status quo. I'm ready to take a break from sucking corporate America's c***. Although I will miss my lovely, fellow co-workers, I refuse to continue being a zombie in a job I'm not passionate about. I just can't continue with this; I've got to just try. Furthermore, leaving my family, my most valuable possession, will be hard to do. Through dedication, sacrifice, and hard work, one is able to accomplish one's goals, or at least, that's what I've been taught. Now, I must choose which path it is I must take. I've always felt that I was placed here on Earth to do something big and life changing; I sure hope I'm not wrong. I feel nervous and scared yet excited about stepping into the mysterious beauty of the unknown. No, I don't know whether I'll succeed, but I'd rather die knowing that I've attempted to do what it is I thought I must than die wishing I had tried. Tomorrow is never guaranteed and one's gotta take life by the horns. I've learned to listen to my inner voice more and thus, the reason for this abrupt decision. Isn't life all about living on the edge and enjoying every second?! Well, I'm gonna try. I don't know where I'll be living a month from today, or where I'll be working once I arrive, but I do know I'm gonna go after what I feel is my destiny.

After years of working towards my goal here in Dallas, I've concluded that leaving the state would probably be the best decision I could take. I need to surround myself with an artistically rich environment that embraces creative ideas and doesn't ostracize my art due to others' inability to see the bigger picture. I've been falsely promised help, taken advantage of, and stepped on so many times, and right now, I'm a bit tired of waiting on people to come around. Nonetheless, I thank each and every one of them for making me the strong-willed individual that I am. Perhaps it just wasn't my time yet; I've learned a lot from this journey and I only hope to learn more and become an even more polished artist. New York City will be a challenging and interesting experience that I'm willing to take. I'm ready for a change, ready to really aim for what I want. Signs & symbols are often on the peripheral but when brought to light, explored, & examined, they can elicit great change both on small and large scales. Dallas- you've been great, but it's time for me to fly away from the nest & spread my wings even more. I'm gonna go after what my heart desires & what I know I'm destined to do. Gonna take a leap of faith. God help me! =} Who knew that getting that ridiculous speeding ticket on July 4th, 2011 was gonna be the catalyst for this change. Ironically, that's how I've felt all this time- always someone trying to hinder me from moving along, but I'm about to change that. I'm about to take another avenue, hopefully, taking me closer to my destination. Hope you'll tag along with me for the ride. =P

What I'm mostly looking forward to is not only networking and meeting new people, but also just getting the whole New York experience. I've never been to the city, yet have always had this strong desire to go. The diversity, the spirit, the life- what is there not love! I'm definitely going there with an open mind and desire to not only learn, but also grow as human being. Dallas seems to just move a lot slower in comparison. New York is simply a different beast, and I'm intrigued. =}

Before leaving Dallas, I will be releasing a few final things including three new songs and a NEW set of photos from a recent photo shoot. I'm very excited about these and honestly can't wait to share these with you. I promise to continue working hard until the end of my journey, and hope to one day do something amazing for the world. I'm very proud of everything I've done and thank everyone who's been there since day one supporting me and my crazy ideas. You guys have really motivated me to take this next step in my life and honestly, I couldn't have done this without you. I hope to be a vehicle for change and an instrument for paving a brighter future for you, me, and the rest of the world. At the end of the day, "every possibility begins with the courage to imagine." I hope that my drive, innovation, and boldness have enough power to help me succeed in this new challenge I'm about to undertake. Departing: Dallas; Destination: New York. Zoom, zoom! Here we go! =}



Below are a couple pictures I thought I'd share with you guys. =] I usually try to not display such personal photos, but I'll make an exception this time. Hope you like!! =P 


- My mom swears I basically came out of the womb dancing and singing (lol)

- I used to take piano lessons; I love the piano


Florida Spring 2011


Florida: a beautiful state filled with amazing beaches, beautiful people, and great way of life; a perfect destination for an escapade. Route: fly from DFW to Atlanta International Airport; land and transboard on plane taking me to my final destination- The Keys, FL. 

It was time to get away. Spring was rolling out beautifully and after an uncertain start, a dream reassured me that I had to make this trip, so I booked the tickets and prepared to depart towards the sunny state of Florida. I planned to not only vacation, but also, to try to dabble in some musical ventures while there, especially in Miami. Looking back at this trip, I can honestly say that the one week I spent in Florida was one of my best experiences EVER. Not only was I able to bring with me a lot of unforgettable memories, but was also able to see life in an even more positive, uplifting way. I met a lot of wonderful individuals from which new friendships were created. All in all, I love to live an adventurous life and this trip proved to be a great example as to why.


The Keys- a chain of islands off the bottom peninsula of Florida- were awesome. The first day I arrived at Keywest, I was quick to notice that the island was tiny! Roosters were everywhere cock-a-doodling away while cats slept lazily under the palm tree's shade. It was a very weird, but interesting scenery. After arriving at the hotel, I dropped my bags off in the room, and went on a bike ride. Due to the excitement and joy of finally arriving at such a beautiful place, I forgot to put on sunscreen; it wasn't till later that I felt the consequences of my carelessness. After bicycling around I soon noticed that a lot of people made there ways around the island in either bikes, mopeds, or by feet. Coming from a big city that's so spread out that a car is needed for everything, this was definitely a relief and breath of fresh air. Great way to passively give the finger to the oil companies. =P I'm an outdoor activities lover, so this made me enjoy the island even more. In a matter of a couple hours, we (my good friend and I) managed to circle about two thirds of the island on just bikes. It was awesome. The salty, refreshing smell of the ocean, the waves soothing sounds of it crashing against the rocks, the green trees and sunny skies- I just couldn't get enough of the island. It was everything I was hoping for; a beautiful little paradise.


With so many activities and things to do, the week seemed to just fly on by. One of the most memorable activities I participated in had to be the FURY ultimate package extravaganza which included kayaking, jet skying, parasailing, & snorkeling topped with a FREE sunset boat ride. The view from the sky of the island and it's surroundings was spectacularly breathtaking on my parasailing adventure, but jet skying was the best!! The speed, the tricks, the adrenaline- I loved it all. Finally, on to kayaking which was a very intense workout. I could definitely feel the burn all around my chest and abdominal area. Felt completely worn out after this! Snorkeling I had to pass on as not only was I really sunburnt from the first day when I had forgotten to apply sunscreen, but also, I had once snorkeled in Cancun, Mexico and had a not-so-pleasant experience. Not only did I manage to drink like a gallon or two of salty ocean water, but also hit my leg on a rock causing me to bleed. I was lucky to not have gotten eaten by a shark that time; I swear I heard the jaw's theme song commence right before getting on the boat and leaving the area. The sunset excursion was done the next day, late afternoon and could best be described as very relaxing. It was actually very interesting and funny at times; there was a very diverse crowd in the boat (21 and over of course) and were just drinking away having a great time. The things they would do and say… definitely made me lol a lot. The illusion of what appeared to be the sun sinking down into the ocean was very beautiful and thankfully, I managed to record and capture this moment in time to bring with me back to Dallas. It took approximately two minutes and thirty seconds for the sun to completely disappear beneath the oceanic horizon. It was very beautiful and kind of helped put things in perspective. I mean, we are after all in a constantly rotating, tiny blue planet circling the sun amidst the Milky Way Galaxy in universe of stars and other planets. All in all the package was great. I LOVED it! No complaints here. I would definitely get down on it once again.


Duvall Street was where all the action was going on throughout the day. There were shops, restaurants, bars… you name it, it was all there. One calm, peaceful night after cruising down the street, I decided that paying a visit to a very mystical guy which I decided to nick-name "The Guru" would be an interesting experience to add to my life's resume. I let him read my palm and although I wasn't shocked or surprised with what he told me, I did enjoy the experience. It reassured me in so many ways, and at the same time, satisfied my curiosity. No, he's not the first person I've gone to for a reading, but as always, I kind of keep an open mind about this. It's interesting how somebody who knows you for such a little time can be so on point about things you haven't even mentioned to them. Captivating!


Cuba is 90 miles away from the Keys, the southernmost point of United States. I thought this was fascinating, so taking a picture at the very southernmost tip of the island was a must. Just kind of made me wonder about all those individuals who have risked there lives in ocean to leave there communist country and come to the US seeking better opportunities and a more desirable way of life. It wouldn't be an easy task, but definitely do-able. After all it's only 90 miles away. =P


One word- exquisite. I tried Italian, French, Cuban, and last but not least, Thai. Plus, I reluctantly tried a bit of the seafood entrees, and was very pleasantly surprised. I will admit I'm still a bit concerned about the whole after effects of the BP oil spill, so I was careful not to indulge in my seafood cravings. I did try a lot of firsts on this trip like calimari (squid), nutella, olive oil with bread sticks, and Thai cuisine. 

Cuban food was similar to Mexican food in some ways. There rice was different; had kind of like a yellow/orangish, radioactive color to it, but was very tasty. Plus, it came with a side of plantines. Rice & bananas together- sooooo tasty! Plus, the bread that came along with my dish was delicious.

French crepes filled with nutella are my new guilty pleasure. Very addicting. Definitely a must try especially while in the area.

Italian food- one of my ultimate favorites- was very tasty. From fresh-out-the-oven, hot breadsticks to the the tasty pastas, I just couldn't get enough. Definitely had my Italian cravings fully satisfied. It was just perfect!

Thai food I had NEVER tasted before, but I really enjoyed. It was spicy and healthy- just how I like it. Only thing I wish I would have gotten at the end of my course- a fortune cookie. =( Maybe next time? 

Needless to say, staying fit was tough, but nonetheless, I managed to hit gym almost everyday just to make up for all the guilty pleasures I was indulging in. =D


What a beautiful city! Wow! I was speechless. I finally understood why I had to make this trip. I ABSOLUTELY fell in love with Miami. It was just so breathtaking in so many ways; if the diversity and laid back attitude in Keywest had not completely won me over, then this definitely sealed the deal. It was such a breath of fresh air. While in town, I was able to check out the Hit Factory. Automatically when arriving at the location, I felt butterflies in my stomach. An overwhelming feeling of belonging there took over me. I was literally in a state of extreme joy, and if I once doubted that music was what I was meant to do in life, I knew then with certainty that I was on the right track. I met a couple of engineers (Andy & Sam) from this historical studio complex that had housed a rich wealth of creativity within its wall throughout the years. So many recording artists had created hit records precisely at this location I now found myself at; I was amazed and flabbergasted at the awesomeness and meaning of this building. I kind of felt for a second as if the world was mine- that anything and everything was truly possible. I mean I still believe that now, but it wasn't until that moment that I could really attach meaning to that statement. After so many doors had closed in my face, I felt as if the one I truly had been longing for was finally opening or at least, close to reach; I felt reassured and optimistic. I know that someday I'm gonna be working alongside some of my favorite producers here, in Miami's Hit Factory, on a huge, hit record that's gonna be massive. I honestly can't wait till it becomes a reality.

Later on that night, I decided to cruise around the city along with my friend. Went to South Beach & ate some Thai food. Then afterwards, headed straight to the clubs. Now, I hadn't gone out in such a long time. I didn't enjoy it as much any more, and so I had stopped going out altogether a while back. When I entered the club and saw such diversity, happiness, and excitement in people's characters, it kind of rekindled that fire within me. I was ready to dance and enjoy myself. That night, I met so many people from all over the world and had such a blast. I even somehow managed to run into Latin star Fedro which I thought was awesome. I mean, I truly didn't expect to see anyone famous on this trip, but meeting him was like the frosting on the cake. He was very friendly and thankfully, I was able to create a friendship with him too! I laughed, loved, and lived that night! As a matter of fact that whole week. Life was just amazing. 



That week in Florida, I lost track of time and completely forgot about everything in my life. It was such a sweet escape from reality. I felt like I found the much needed motivation, reassurance, and inspiration in this trip that I was searching for. In short, I found my mojo. =P I arrived feeling uplifted and with a superbly positive outlook on life- even more so than before. Everyone has a mission here on Earth. Mysterious coincidences guide you towards your destiny. Question, dreams, daydreams, and intuitions lead us towards the answers, which usually are synchronistic. Nothing is coincidence; admitting that you know nothing of what appears to be everything is the first step towards awakening. Open yourself to the realm of all possibilities; step into the unknown. Surrender to the creative and just live life to the fullest. NO regrets! Anything is possible, you just got to work hard for it! This trip just made me stronger and fueled that fire within me. I understand why it was important for me to take this trip. God works in mysterious ways!!! Next stop, New York! =P 


TIRED of all this BULLS***!


I'm tired of ignorant, self-serving, egotistical, selfish, ruthless beings who have no consideration for others what-so-ever. People need to start waking up to the reality of our situation and stop focusing on what Kim Kardashian is wearing, how much money you got in the bank, what you're wearing tonight to the club, or who’s playing tonight on ESPN. How about doing something good for the future of humanity; contributing to the world in a positive way. Being complacent with a mediocre” reality” will not only hurt you in the end, but your kids and your kid's kids future. Seriously, get your mind together. We got to be smarter!!

The President is NOT gonna solve your problems. He's obviously gone back on everything he promised he'd do. When will you stop relying on him or anyone else for change; realize that you must be change. Stop being so dependent. Grow the f*** up!

If I was running this country, I'd try to using alternative sources of energy immediately (solar, wind, tidal, etc...). I'd upgrade from nuclear, coal, oil energy to a more sophisticated, cleaner form of energy. I'd make the Federal Bank more transparent. Possibly, completely abolish that institution. “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.” –Jefferson. I would encourage and speak the truth no matter the situation. Like President Kennedy stated, "“The very word 'secrecy' is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings.” Nothing should be secret! Furthermore, I'd bring back all of our troops from Libya, Afghanistan, and wherever else it's unnecessary to have them. I'd invest in our country/world and encourage jobs. I'd completely change the current way the system works and upgrade it to something better with the help of you. I'd also find a way of cleaning up our environment. Does anyone remember the BP Oil spill? Well, apparently, there are still things going on over there that aren't being reported in the news. Why continue to be slaves to a system that makes you believe you’re truly free? Well the truth of it is, you’re not. You’re not a free being and wouldn’t know what truly being free feels like. Our rights are being taken left and right and no one seems to be doing anything about it. Where are our Martin Luther King's? Our Gandhi’s?!  I'm tired of it all. I'm tired of this system! Tired of how they continue to promote stupidity as attractive, of how the world is being run! I’m tired of how our tax dollars are being spent. I’m tired of lobbyists, useless presidents, and cowardly senators. I’m tired of seeing innocent people die because of ridiculous wars. Tired of seeing kids die because they have no food to eat. I’m tired of seeing how Earth’s natural resources are being foolishly exploited without any consideration to the effects and consequences that this could generate. I’m tired of cures for diseases being oppressed from the public for fear of pharmaceutical companies losing billions. I'm TIRED OF IT ALL!

I think cultural diversity enriches the world; I think you and I could make a difference in the world. I think we could be living in a much better place if we would all just focus on the same goal: change- a positive change. Politicians are not our masters. We have to be the driving force behind this change. The time to use your voice and liberties are now. You got to speak up. We can’t allow things to just go downhill. Mother Earth is responding to everything. She’s tired of all the abuse. Either you change with her or you’ll get left behind. 

Before you even try to attack me and give me some backlash- do your research! You’ll be amazed at what you discover. Stop sitting down on the couch and start doing something. Maybe then, you’ll realize that you’ve been walking around with blindfolds on. No more sleeping zombies allowed. Wake up to the truth. Face the facts. Make a change. Realize. The future is now. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Remember- violence is NEVER the answer. Learn from history. Peace is detrimental. It’s not about the color of your skin or what country you come from; it’s about the HUMAN race that we are and our home planet- Earth. You want a better future. Start now!

So, how would you change the world? Leave a comment below!


I know I didn't touch basis on the religion part, but in short, I believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience; religion create walls and segregates us as the human race that we are. 

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Random thoughts 2011...


If I could do anything in the world right now at this moment without any restricting forces holding me back, I would travel all over, meet people, & learn from all the amazing things this world has to offer. After a few days where various confusing thoughts & feelings brought me to a state of unrest which, once again, had me questioning the purpose of my life, I feel that it's time to make another positive change...

A few changes I've done this year so far:

I've become more aware and informed of what it is that I consume and intake; I try to research how certain foods and products affect my body- a temple that I treasure and respect. I replaced my regular Colgate toothpaste with Sea Fresh non flouride toothpaste. I've given up carbonated drinks like Coke, Dr. Pepper, etc... and replaced them with teas or other natural drinks. I've decided to reduce my sugar consumption and increase my vegetable and fruit intake. I've cut down on the amount of fast food I purchase (not that I bought that much any way.) I've decided to read more books and challenge my mind so as to elevate my understanding of life and the complexities of the universe. My reduction on time spent watching tv continues to be an accomplishment I'm truly proud of embracing. I've replaced the materialistic with the spiritual and continue to seek peace through balance, harmony, and love. I am aware of the laws of attraction and continue to inject waves of positive energy in to my life and the life of others. At this point I can conclude that all I know is that I know nothing and yet I hunger to learn more. Everything was made out of nothing; nothing is everything.

I am hoping to be more practical and simplistic in my way of living. I love the outdoors and I plan on enjoying and exploring it even more. I'm like a little kid trapped in an "adult's" body. What is the big difference anyway other than numbers binding us to the label of being an adult (age, weight, money, time, etc...?) I love to play, make jokes, hang with my friends, and be silly at times. Being creative is a force that just runs through my veins. Sometimes, I like to let loose and color outside the lines. I love to laugh and make others smile. I just want to be and let be. Unfortunately, society and the world imposes certain views and practices that make us forget that dormant little kid that lies within us, thus blind sighting us of what truly matters. We think too much and feel to little. We ignore that voice within and conform to the mediocre standards of society. Feeling lost is thus not such an abnormal thing; everywhere I look, I see corruption prancing into our people's minds feeding, furthermore, into this machine to which we've become a product. How can one return to oneness when everywhere you go, everywhere you turn to, everyone seems to be neglecting to be a part of the solution and unknowingly conforming to the problem? They are happy being unhappy; complacent. How could sense be slapped into these blind beings to wake them up? They're just walking dead; zombies. Sometimes I just don't understand and feel the urge to disconnect; to completely isolate and detach myself from this "world" that I'm a part of and go somewhere completely different; the yang to my current yin. I wouldn't consider it running away from the problem, but more, a desire for enlightenment and fulfillment; a solution. After all knowledge is empowering.

I love to give back to the world. It's what makes me most happy. The thought of revolutionizing the world with thoughts and ideas I carry within me seems a bit extreme and crazy. I live in a world full of fiction- happy thoughts and endless possibilities filter through it's atmosphere. It's the place I go to when I feel the urge to disconnect. It's my creation of which I am it's creator. The beings which come to life in this magical place, I breathed life into. The scenery, the freedom, the possibilities- breath taking and unlimited. It's a place I LOVE and indulge in; there I surrender to the creative and step into the unknown. I happen to love it. It fascinates me and tickles my mind. It stimulates my senses and makes the theater of my mind awaken. Oh such, an amazing place this is. Quite incomparable to Earth's current state of being. Nonetheless, my desire to help Earth and it's residents tempts me to try once and once again hoping to somehow intersect these two worlds. Maybe my time will come. I do believe that if certain things are meant to be, then the right opportunity will cross paths at just the right time and right place. Could they become a reality? But then again, what is reality? It's all relative. Ultimately, we're all trying to find our place in this planet and understand our purpose; that's exactly what I'm trying to do. I'm seeking answers to all the questions I have accumulated over the years. This path which I'm sure that I've agreed to taking prior to my arrival on this planet can seem quite daunting and a bit confusing at times. Nonetheless, I continue to walk- walk and live till I've successfully completed this level. If I fall down, I must get back up and recognize that falling was necessary in order to learn a valuable lesson. Alas, we're all vessels of light called upon this time in history for a purpose. That purpose differs with each one of us, but knowing that there are no mistakes or such things as coincidences in this life of revolutionary changes is a step closer towards understanding. In the end, I do know it's so much "Larger than life." It may be too grand to understand or is it really that complex? Do we tend to over-complicate things or is it just the mindset we've been programmed to adapt?

I do know and feel, deep down in my heart, that this year is gonna be a phenomenal year- full of positive changes. It's gonna be great and we all are going to grow exponentially as the human race that we are. I think it's time that we move forward, evolve, and think different. Life could be so colorful and distinct; things could take a turn for the better. We just have to act up on the power we're gifted to posses as individuals that we are. I remain hopeful of this world and passionately desire to learn and explore the many things I yet don't know. That fire that burns within me keeps on burning stronger and stronger with each passing day. I am thankful for every experience I've had, good and bad, and I love the fact that I have an opportunity to make a difference in not only my life, but in the life of others in this world. My vision is so much bigger than me; it's colossal. If you were to take a dip into my mind, it'd probably scare you. =P Nonetheless, I have a hunger for change and I want to be a catalyst to help usher it in. I'm ready to get high off life; it's my addiction of choice. I've let go of the ego and recognized that this isn't about me at all. It's about you; it's about us. We're all virgins to the joys of loving without fear. The flood gates are open. Whatever course we decided to take will become history. Time to write it and succeed! 

What are your thoughts on life? What do you think? Do you believe in a soulmate? What kind of change would u like to see in the world? How are you contributing on being part of the solution and not the problem? Be sure to express your opinions and thoughts below.


Albums I've been listening to and drawing inspiration from:

Cristian Castro- Vive El Principe

Adele- 21

Mumford & Sons- Sigh No More

Jewel- Lullaby

Janelle Monae- The Archandroid (Still listen to it)

Enya- And Winter Came, The Very Best of Enya, Watertime

Need to download some Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, and Choplin. For my next album, I'm hoping to take a different direction with it. At this point, it's in the embryonic stages. As my baby develops, I'll let u know how it's comin' along. 


Interesting videos I've come across:



BYE 2010! Welcome 2011!!!


BYE 2010! Welcome 2011!!!

As I wave goodbye to one of the best years of my life, 2010, and welcome the year of the rabbit in hopes that it, too, will be a prosperous, prolific year, I can't help but to look back at several major events that marked and helped shape me into the better being that I am now.

Year 2010 had started off with a bang! Although it had a rocky start, it continually improved and surprised me. Career wise- I was able to establish several key relationships. Not only did I release an album (Frequencies of Brilliance; Sounds of Color) that had completely consumed me in the first quarter of the year and was released later on in the summerbut was able to create several artistic videos that materialized thoughts and ideas that I had been storing in my mind for a while. My creative concepts were visually plastered in pictures that I'm very proud to call mine. I had the pleasure of meeting Emmy nominated producer Michael Brown who ended up shooting my first big professional music video for my song "Need It." My artistic fan base expanded and I had the opportunity to travel to different cities that I had never been to before (like Los Angeles & Las Vegas). I auditioned for American Idol, worked with producers across state lines, and met several life changing artists. Getting acknowledgement by the one, the only, Perez Hilton after responding to one of my comments off of Facebook made my day; I received a direct message from Swizz Beatz on twitter, was able to come in contact with Timbaland's equally talented brother, Sebastian, and saw a tweet of Brandy quoting my song "I got it" by posting "u know I got it, I got it. =)" The Kelis live performance I recorded at Plush in Dallas was featured on one of my favorite blogs- Necole from knows of my existence. Although I'm not there yet, I know I'm closer today than I was yesterday. Let's hope 2011 will open up several more doors for all of us and will be a positive year of change. 

Other important events:

JUNE 26th Birthday- An eclipse took place; I was superbly excited. Unfortunately, only people residing in the other half of the world were able to visually experience it. Nonetheless, I got to see the Winter Solstice eclipse on Dec 21, 2010. I was absolutely amazed at this rare event that hadn't taken place since 1638. So breathtaking!

Trip to Mexico- Went back to visit my grandparents and other relatives. I fell in LOVE with Mexico all over again. Not only did I manage to go to Durango to visit my family and spend time in my house, but also, had the opportunity to travel to Mazatlan, Sinaloa. That experience in itself is one that I will NEVER forget. It was so much fun. I managed to meet so many people from all over the world! From riding the banana boat to taking pictures with an actual python to eating delicious cuisine and enjoying peaceful nights at the beach, this trip will forever remain unforgettable. I had a blast!!! 

Trip to Minneapolis for my Birthday weekend- Went back to visit old friends. Reconnected with my school grounds and favorite hot spots. Successfully managed to meet a whole bunch of new friends. One interesting tid bit- it is here that I got introduced to numerology.

Destination LA- Stopped at four key places- Roswell, NM; Second Meza, AZ; Los Angeles, CA; Las Vegas, NV. This trip was amazing. Taught me so much! From experiencing a live taping of Chelsea Lately to meeting humble Hopi tribesmen, it brought out a range of emotions for within me. I was able to know myself better and see life in a different perspective. It helped me rid myself of the unnecessary and allowed me to open myself up to the unknown and new. As I watched shooting stars in the night sky and walked down Laguna Beach, I was able to conclude that although this journey hasn’t been easy, I’m on the right path. I’m enjoying every bit of this challenge- the good and bad- and believe that one day, my dreams will come true. I've matured a lot more as a human being and grown to become a more enlightened individual. I'm resonating on a different frequency. I believe that god has a way of reminding you of what you're here to do. We all have a purpose. We all are original. I know I was meant for something great. My goal- to stimulate your brain and aid in changing the world.

As of right now, the following are artists/actors I've had the pleasure of meeting in my life: 

ARTIST: Kelis, Janelle Monae, Jennifer Lopez, Chelsea Handler, Kathy Griffin, Jermaine Dupri, Kelly Clarkson, Play N Skillz, Travis McCoy, Beyonce, Missy Elliott, Jadakiss, Lil' Flip, Shontelle, Jordin Sparks, Jonas Brothers, Nick Lachey, Laurie Ann Gibson, Honor Society

IN CONCERT: Shakira, Reba Mcentire, U2, Paul McCartney, Alicia Keys, Janelle Monae, Jordin Sparks, Jonas Brothers, Busta Rhymes, Timbaland, Missy Elliott, Tamia, Beyonce, Estelle, Big Boi, Usher, Alejandro Sanz, Gloria Trevi, NKOTB, Jabawoceez

ACTORS: Boris Kodjoe, Nicole Parker, Billy Zane, Lisa Zane, Altair Jarabo

OTHERS: Dallas Cowboys team, Jason Terry, Troy Aikman, Tony Parker, Jerry Jones

Working at the new stadium in Arlington had its advantages. =P Cheers! Let’s hope 2011 has many AMAZING surprises for all of us. 


Madness of a Lost Society




These videos are meant to make you think. You may not agree with everything that is said, but just think about it. Let it simmer in your mind. Be sure to leave your comments below.



Interesting Videos

Mayan Calendar, 2012 and 5D Earth


Sometimes, I wish I could just shake the world and wake them up! There's something MUCH bigger going on. I've been researching for months and finding so much amazing information. Below is a video I thought I'd share. VERY interesting and deep down, I feel it's true. Be sure to leave your comments and tell me what you think. The point of this video and many others I'll be sharing with you is to get u to think and consider different options; to see past the box that we so comfortably live in. Life is much more... there's just so much more to it than fancy cars, money, and all these materialistic things we've been programmed to believe we need. I'm excited and interested in living and experiencing this roller coaster ride we call life. I feel hopeful and emotional. There's so much going trough my mind- it's amazing. I feel connected and a need to make a change in my life and in the world. Any little bit I can do to help, counts. Watch it; discuss it- THINK.


What is Art?


Art- outlet in which my imagination is free to run wild like the raging rivers. It's a calibration of my mind, body, and soul to what is true and real in such an unbalanced, corrupt world. It's ambiguous and bold knowing no boundaries. It's color and frequencies that paint a picture of peace and take you on an escapade. It's an end to this tumultuous, greedy planet consumed by wars and hypocrisy; it's enlightenment. It's me. It's you. It's all of us as one. It's love.


BP Oil Catastrophe, Obama, & Religion

Matrix of the Mind; Renaissance


Distortions in the frequencies keep us in a box deliberately created to fund the ignorance that keeps us in tune with the lower vibrations. It's this holographic view of life called the matrix that prevents us from seeing reality. It's like a chip installed in a computer- we can only see and translate the codes we were programmed to understand. Many other codes and programs exist out in this EXPANSE  of life- some far more superior to ours. To many, their existence remains oblivious, but a renaissance is near. The fear that we've long embraced and welcomed is now being shunned and refuted while light and informational frequencies have begun to resonate with and propel humanity to a higher vibratory level; people have begun to wake up. Like Elvis Presley said, "Truth is like the Sun; You can shut it out for a time, but it ain't goin' away." Information is light. Sometimes you just have to think outside the box. All that is is fluid; it's a fluid world in a densely created distorted "reality." People underestimate the power of one's mind but how is one supposed to understand something so strong and powerful going beyond our encoded comprehension in this "reality?"  Well... It's time to tune in to the right channel and strive to see life as it TRULY is. When you follow intuition, you live life. When you follow mind, life lives you. It's an experience; we're all infinite consciousness. Go ahead and dare to live. Dare to EXPERIENCE! Don't be afraid. The frequencies of brilliance, sounds of color are all around you. Embrace them.


Born Free; Change


There is no such thing as an impossible; limits and boundaries are for the uninformed souls. "Someone's wisdom is another man's foolishness." While it is urgent to wake up, one lacks the will to see reality. Ignorance is bliss and I truly believe that. I just happen to be someone who doesn't necessarily play by the rules. I was born free; I am a free soul, spirit, and mind living in a jungle; like chess, it's a strategic game. It's deeper than the deepest trench in the oceans. It's our distorted idea of life, of "reality." I seek unbiased knowledge and information. Perception has been molded and uploaded in to our minds. Does anybody see? It's such a pretentious, materialistic world and people have been playing there cards well. So much confusion amidst the truth. It's 2010 and change is calling. I've decided to no longer wait. I'll thrust myself into Truth's arms and crash against the rocks of evidence, without the support of philosophies, theories, conventions, traditions, opinions or conjectures; lovingly referencing and asserting realism with clarity and coherence.

    It's pretty interesting how things begin to come full circle. You begin to understand what at one time u didn't. Those synchronized events that u thought were completely unreal. The sad times; the good times. Broken promises time and time again. Change starts from within. Expecting is setting yourself up for failure. Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. Life is a great big canvas; throw all the paint on it that you can. Attack life! Being on the tightrope is living; everything else is waiting. The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it. The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible! Never take life seriously; no one gets out alive anyway- at least not physically.

    At this point in my life knowing what I know, I've decided to go out with a bang! Every possibility begins with the courage to imagine. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. What do I have to lose? My goal in life is to be life-changing, historical, and memorable. It's goes beyond the music. Make no little plans that have no magic to stir man's blood... make big plans, aim high in hope and work. In the following month's, I'm gonna make my imagination come to life through actions; pictures, videos, and music will help embody my art. You'll get a glimpse of the ideas that ping-pong within in my mind. Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought. Some will get it, others won't. Once we rid ourselves of traditional thinking we can get on with creating a brighter future, a brighter tomorrow. Hope you enjoy and welcome the Frequencies of Brilliance; Colors of Sound that I'll be sharing with you. It's exotic, innovative, and freshly dangerous!

"In every work of genius, we recognize our once rejected thoughts."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson                                   




STRENGTHS                                                   WEAKNESSES

Adaptable                                                         Moody

Loyal                                                                Sensitive

Attached to family                                            Emotional     

Empathetic                                                      Indecisive at times


22nd June to 23rd July

Symbol: The Crab
Ruling Planet: Moon
Quality: Cardinal
Element: Water
Basic Trait: I Feel
Closest Metal: Silver
Lucky Day: Monday
Lucky Colors: Green, Silver-Grey, Cream and White
Lucky Gems: Opal, Pearl and Moonstone
Lucky Flowers: Daisies and Wallflowers

Cancer zodiac sign has the symbol of 'The Crab'. One of the basic characteristics of a Cancerian is that he is very prone to mood swings, which are matched by changing emotions. At one point of time, you may have seen him in a typical party mood, enjoying himself and laughing at other people's jokes. He may come across as the most extroverted member in the entire group. However, another time, he may be completely introverted, sitting in a corner and lost in his own world. This single personality trait can help you in identifying a Cancer very easily. 

A Cancerian will never run behind fame and publicity, but if he ever gets it, he definitely knows how to bask in the limelight. In a melancholic mood, he can become the coldest person on this earth and drown you in his bottomless depression. Cancerians are prone to pessimism and usually hide their fears behind a veil of humor. They love to dream and for them, sky's the limit. When he cries, it is because he is deeply hurt from inside. A harsh glance or a rough tone can easily break Cancer's vulnerable heart.

When he is hurt, he will either cry his heart out or retreat into a silent spell. However, it is rare that he takes revenge from the one who has hurt him. If a Cancer retreats to his shell, you can be sure he will become completely unreachable. He won't pick his phone, answer the doorbell or even check his mail. Another mood that can engulf a Cancer is a snappy one, or you can say a crabby one. He will hate the world and snap at anything and everything. However, you can be sure he is not angry with you and will soon be his normal self again. 

While in a conversation, the facial features of a crab will change a number of times, displaying his numerous moods. He has a vivid imagination and at times will drown you in his moods too. Each and every experience affects him and gets engraved in his memory. Cancerians remember everything life has taught them and are true patriots. Past intrigues them and they love to collect antiques, old treasures and ancient relics. They are the perfect keepers of secrets and people automatically confide in them.

However, their own thoughts and secrets are strictly off limits for everyone. A typical cancer will never discuss his personal life with anyone. Compassion and intuition gel perfectly with the Cancer profile. He seldom judges people, just soaks up what comes his way and reflects the same. He will never ever give up an object he cherishes, be it a gift from a lover or the worn jeans he loves wearing. Cancerians have a soft heart; they care about people and are quite helpful. However, they wait to see if someone else is helping.

If the answer is yes, they will sit back and let the other person be the savior. In case no one comes forward; they will be there to rescue you. A Cancer person may come at the last minute, but he will save you just before you are about to drown. He is not selfish, it just that he never wants to be impulsive. But, he will save you nonetheless. Before he makes any move, a Cancerian must be sure of strong backing. Without it, he hates to venture on his own. He does not forget mistakes easily, especially his own. 

He will brood over them and take a long time before moving ahead again. Cancerian loves, rather reveres, his home and his loved ones. Too much is not even enough for him. He needs more, more security, more love and more care. Insecurity may lead him to depression and weaken him physically. However, Cancerians have this amazing quality of self-healing. All they require is happiness, optimism and laughter in large doses. They are prone to negative thoughts and are always preparing for the unseen future. 

The maxim 'Old is Gold' fits perfectly to a Cancer, whether it is the case of people or things. He is also very good at making as well as managing wealth. He has a large heart and will share willingly if his loved ones are in need. However, wastage, especially of food, is sure to tick him off. All the sensitivity of a crab is hidden beneath his hard shell and it will take much care and love to bring him out of his shell and close to you!


George Bush, Lust, & Aliens


Everyday I wake up, I know some lesson awaits me; learning has never really ceased. I put a smile on my face, and step out in to the world to see what awaits me. As I drive down the road in my car, I notice the sun shining brightly up above the blue sky every morning asking for nothing in return. The bouncy clouds, the green trees, the bright spring flowers- life is everywhere. Life is here. I lust for it. This little planet we call Earth stands in our Solar System being the only planet with life- or so they say. Why this planet? Why us? What about Jupiter, Mars, Venus? Sometimes I stop and wonder what my purpose in life is. Everyday I live is like another piece to my puzzle; the experiences, challenges, and lessons I live are leading me somewhere. I don't believe in coincidences.

       Sometimes it's nice to take a ride down the slow winding road and just enjoy it. I've learned to stop and appreciate Earth's natural beauty; I take a listen to Earth's songs. The birds chirp happily up on the trees as the breeze of the wind caresses the skin glued to my face. The frequencies of brilliance are there. Do u hear them? Sometimes, I wish I were a bird. Just for a second. I want to fly high above in the skies and feel free. Swerving, swinging, and singing up above with no one to tell me what it is I can or cannot do. See I believe the world shouldn't be in the state it is in right now. Politics, religion, and society- don't get me started. People have embraced fear. It's time to enjoy and appreciate what truly matters; to be happy. If by creating music I can put a smile on your face, my job is done! Happiness is the key. Joy and peace is what I want to advocate. Your consciousness is what I want to shake. When asked, "What were your inspirations for this album?" I respond with a simple answer. "George Bush, Lust, & Aliens." Are u awake?


I'm color, light and sound. Can u see?


Knowing we're a mere spec in this ocean of life, I fish the galaxies for answers. I ponder. Questions arise and the truth seems so far fetched; u can't deny it. The more and more I look, the more I find this silent obviousness screaming louder, and louder trying to unmute it's words of love. The answers are there, but can u see them? The light shines bright; can u see it? Sometimes people wander around life, thinking they're awake when in reality darkness consumes them, and sleep is state in which they'd prefer to stay. Facing the truth can be difficult, but lying in darkness is dangerous. Individuality is missing; carbon copies are everywhere I turn to see. Such deception; such mystery. So sad. Nonetheless, I radiate positivitiy. If you could see beyond the physical, you'd see such energies I posses. But, u do too. U have the key. The tools are there, but do u see them. The frequencies of harmony and love tingle within my brain, making the cells throughout this body cordially work together without causing a riot within this vessel of light. It's a temple I plan to treat well; to respect. Richness and abundance is not determined through money, but through happiness, love, and family. At least, that's the way I see. I'm rich. Richer than I could ever imagine. I'm awake and I'm ready. I don't believe in coincidences. Live your life. Savior every hour, every minute, every second. So now I ask u: I'm color, light and sound. Can u see?


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